New Year’s Resolutions for Your Skin

Published Jan 15, 2016

As we get into the swing of the New Year, it is natural to want to look your very best. We don’t always realize how important beautiful skin is in making a great first impression, but healthy clear skin helps us look and feel at our very best. For Boulder residents, cosmetic dermatology is a great way to put your freshest face forward, but there are great ways to get your skin in shape at home, too.

Resolve to Prevent Skin Problems

Here are some steps you can take to keep your skin looking great between treatments:

  • Use Sun Protection – As one of the fittest cities in the country, it’s no secret that Boulderites love the outdoors. With the added UV exposure we face at our high altitude, wearing sunscreen daily is a must. Even better than sunscreen is protective clothing to shield your skin without any chemical exposure.
  • Moisturize – The drying effects of Colorado’s air is noteworthy. Using moisturizer daily after your shower will help lock in moisture that you would otherwise lose throughout the day. We offer a wide range of skin care products at Rinnova Skin and Body, and we’ll be happy to help you find the moisturizer that’s just right for your skin.
  • Exercise – Often a non-issue for most people in Boulder, regular exercise helps keep your skin oxygenated and nourished.

If you live in the Denver or Boulder areas and would like to see if our cosmetic dermatology services can help eliminate your skin imperfections, please call Rinnova Skin and Body at 303-444-0664 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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