Men’s Dermaplane

Men's Dermaplane BoulderDermaplane is a quick and effective way for our male clients to exfoliate. Dermaplane is a simple procedure that involves removing dead skin cells by scraping a sharp surgical tool across the skin. It is an excellent option for those who need to exfoliate without much hassle, and it is especially good for men as it helps remove excess hair for a prolonged period of time.

What is Dermaplane?

During your treatment, an aesthetician will hold your facial skin taut, then gently draw the edge of a surgical blade across the skin. This removes any dead skin and hair, without damaging the live skin. The sensation is similar to a straight-razor shave, but all over the face. The procedure is short, simple, and exceptionally safe when performed by a properly trained and certified individual.

Dermaplane is an excellent procedure for addressing:

  • Dull, dry skin
  • Fine lines
  • Some mild, superficial sagging
  • Mild, recent acne scarring

A dermaplane procedure requires no recovery time, so you can go about your normal routine immediately. Usually, you should undergo dermaplanning once a month to see the full results. You can also combine dermaplane with a Men’s Facial, to have a more expansive skin treatment.

Most people are good candidates for the dermaplane procedure, though if you have acne or oily skin it might not be appropriate for you.
We will discuss all of your options at a complimentary consultation.


Dermaplane: $75
Add on a Men’s Facial: +$65

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