Men’s Scar Revision

Men's Scar Revision BoulderAt Rinnova Skin and Body, we are equipped to handle just about any type of scar. Whether you’re concerned with residual acne scarring or a gash from a fall, we are able to help. We have invested in the top technologies for handling scarring, including microneedling and laser skin care. Come in for a consultation, and we can walk you through the treatments available to you.

Scar Revision Options

Scar revision has many different options for treatment, especially given the wide variety of scars and their causes. Lasers, peels, kenelog injections, and microneedling have all been known to help reduce scarring. Rinnova Skin and Body has the ability to use all of these methods. Dr. Becker and our medical aestheticians have the experience needed to treat scars with any method, leaving you in the best hands possible for your procedure.
Your custom treatment will depend on the nature of your scarring concerns. Different lasers can address different scars. For example:

  • A VBeam laser is excellent for removing redness and discoloration
  • Micro-needling can address acne scarring
  • A CO2 laser is a “texture laser,” meaning it’s often used when your scar is raised and can be felt with the fingers

Other options include injecting the scar with steroid or surgical excision of the scar. After a thorough examination, our specialists can provide a better sense what your treatment will entail. We will discuss all of your options at a complimentary consultation and determine your personal treatment plan.

If you live in or around Boulder or Denver, Colorado and you’re interested in having a consultation, please contact Rinnova Skin & Body to schedule your consultation today.