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Renew Your Skin for the New Year

It’s the perfect time of year to lay low for that beautiful glow.

Do moderate to deep lines and sun damage bother you? Do you have persistent acne scars? Worried about skin texture flaws? Schedule your consultation for a CO2 laser resurfacing today.

$500 OFF any CO2 laser resurfacing!

Introducing Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty, or labia minora reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces or reshapes the labia minora. The appearance of labia minora can vary from woman to woman. Many women can have larger labia minora prior to adolescence or can develop changes after childbirth related to hormones. Some women chose to have this surgery for cosmetic reasons, while others may suffer from discomfort and irritation related to clothing, activity, or even intercourse. Labiaplasty may help resolve these symptoms. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rastegar to see if you are a candidate for this in-office procedure.

Referral Program

As a special thank you to our clients for spreading the word of Rinnova Skin & Body in the community, we offer a $75 credit for every patient you refer to the office who purchases a treatment.

If you are in the Boulder area and interested in learning more about any of our treatments, please contact Rinnova Skin & Body today for a consultation.