Acne Scar Treatment

Boulder Acne Scar TreatmentAcne scar treatment is one of our most popular services, because it’s very common to have acne scarring. Once acne has cleared it frequently leaves behind scars that affect both the texture and color of your skin. At Rinnova Skin and Body, Dr. Becker and our medical aestheticians have the cutting edge technologies and sophisticated expertise necessary to treat any type of acne scarring. During your consultation, our team will create a custom treatment plan for patients who want to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Treatment Options

Since acne scars can come in many different forms, our acne scar treatment is tailored to each person. Commonly, there are two, related issues at play with the prevalence of acne scarring. The first is discoloration- acne can leave lasting red and brown blotches on your face after the breakout has cleared. This can be easily treated with the use of our many skin care lasers.

The second issue is textural changes- scars that are clearly visible and can be felt when touched. While this is harder to treat, we have several treatment options to make your skin both look and feel smooth over time.

During a consultation, one of our licensed aestheticians will assess your skin, and create a custom treatment plan for you to reach your specific goals. Each person will have a different treatment plan, so a consultation is necessary to give you an exact idea of your treatment and cost.

Possible Treatments:

If you live in Boulder or any of the surrounding Colorado communities and you’re anxious to remove acne scarring, please contact Rinnova Skin & Body to schedule a consultation.