Surgical Services

Dr. Todd BeckerOur highly skilled dermatologist, Dr. Todd Becker, is an expert of the most refined surgical solutions. At Rinnova Skin and Body, we offer many comprehensive in-office surgical procedures. For cosmetic concerns we perform mole removals, blepharoplasty, and minor excisions for scar revision. For medical purposes, we also offer excisions and Mohs surgery. Both medical services require a general dermatologist’s referral, so if you want the best possible care, ask for Dr. Becker.

Surgical Services We Offer:

Dr. Becker and the certified medical aestheticians that perform our procedures have worked hard to make Rinnova Skin and Body one of the Boulder’s top providers of aesthetic surgical services. Dr. Becker’s rigorous training has enabled him to be one of the few providers of Mohs surgery in the Front Range.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Rinnova Skin and Body is a respected provider of aesthetic services. For more information and to arrange a consultation, please contact Rinnova Skin & Body today.